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Data Management

Address Standardization – CAS certify your database. This includes correcting any address problems, and then comparing the address with the post office list of correct mailing addresses. The resulting file is zip+4 certified for postage savings and formatted to the most deliverable standards.

NCOA – National change of address processing is now an absolute necessity for database management, as a result of people who are moving at a rate of 10-15% per year. When the customer list is run through the NCOA process, all addresses of individuals who have moved are updated with their new address. This process also includes NIXIE processing, which eliminates invalid street addresses, and saves on wasted postage.

Merge/Purge – Propriety software analyzes your database for duplicate records. Using sophisticated fuzzy logic matching, we look for multiple copies of the same record. These records can be deleted or tagged as multi buyers.

Data Enhancement - We will append demographic and lifestyle data from compiled sources to the database. Basic demographic and lifestyle information is appended to the customer record, i.e., age, income, gender, marital status, homeowner, presence of children, income, home value, etc.

Database Build – The final database is then created and loaded into our list management fulfillment system, where reports can be generated, and complicated queries can be run. Usage is also tracked in this system.

Database Modeling – If needed, basic database models can be generated. There are several types of models that can be generated from basic gain charts (which tell you who is more likely or less likely to respond) to very complicated scoring models, that will allow you to score other databases to select the most likely responders from prospect files. These services are normally used by direct mailers because they greatly increase their mail response rates.