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List Management

Create Rate Cards – The first step in list management is learning about your database/ list. That information is then condensed into a one-page description of each list. This is the primary marketing tool used in the industry.

Promote List – List promotions include rate card distribution to all list brokers, list managers, and mailers in the industry. Announcements will be made in all direct mail trade publications, including DM News and Target Marketing. E-mail promotions will be sent to over 7,000 direct mail professionals, as well as direct calls and fax promotions to potential customers.

Order Processing - The typical order process is as follows. A mailer that is interested in renting a list will present a clearance request. This includes a sample mail piece, as well as any selects that may be required, and pricing. If requested, this information can be sent to the list owner to approve the offer. Any offer may be refused. Obviously any competitive offers may be refused. Questionable offers will be sent for approval. Depending on the client, a payment guarantee may be required. Counts and usage will also be provided. When everything is completed, the order will be processed and shipped to the mailer. The client/mailer will be billed, and the accounting department will begin tracking the order.

Order Fulfillment – All orders are processed in-house and can be fulfilled within minutes. We are able to provide orders on various media, including e-mail, FTP, CD Rom, 3480 cartridge or 9-track tape.

Seed / Decoy Tracking - Each list is seeded with mailing addresses around the country. The list owner could be included in the decoys. We use a proprietary seed insertion and tracking system that allows us to keep track of exactly what is being mailed. This allows us to track multiple usages as well as changes to mail pieces. We can track each piece of mail back to the exact order and mail piece that was approved.